How we Celebrated our First Anniversary

Recently, my sweet husband and I celebrated our very first anniversary. I wanted to give you a sneak peak into our celebrations and share some ideas for your anniversary!

Advice I Received

I once received the advice to always (always!) celebrate your anniversary… Even if that means doing something very small or very cheap. To be honest, I had high expectations. We had an amazing honeymoon (thanks to some generous people), which had probably set my expectations a little too high for the next year. Fortunately, though, when my husband and I looked at our upcoming expenses, we opted for “First Anniversary on a Budget.”

How We Celebrated our First Anniversary | Grace Upon Grace Today

How We CelebratedHow We Celebrated Our First Anniversary | Grace Upon Grace Today

As our anniversary was Sunday, we began the festivities on Saturday. We decided to go out for breakfast to our favorite fast-food place (Chick-Fil-A!) and use our 2017 calendar cards (free food!). We picnicked at a local park for lunch and took a nature hike there. Then we ate dinner at the same barbecue restaurant that catered our wedding – what a fun memory! Since we rarely go out to eat, this was a super fun way to celebrate.

On Sunday, we woke up early and headed to a nearby state park in the mountains that offers zip-lining. We completed two parts of the zip-lining course (part three will be released later this summer!) and had a blast! We then ate lunch and walked around the historic town near the park. Our day ended with my husband cooking dinner for us.

Building Intimacy

I am a firm believer in something called “recreational intimacy.” You can read more about it in Josh Squires’s article about intimacy for Desiring God. Basically, recreational intimacy is fostered when couples do fun things together. This fuels mutual enjoyment that leads to connectivity. Also, men typically form relationships “shoulder-to-shoulder” (as opposed to women who typically enjoy more face-to-face interactions), so it makes sense that couples, being one-half male, need to form experiences together.

We were able to experience a first anniversary within our budget and still a celebration. We built our relationship by doing something fun together. This helped us recommit to giving each other grace upon grace and building our marriage over many more years together.

What is a fun and cost-effective way you would recommend to make much of an anniversary celebration?

6 thoughts on “How we Celebrated our First Anniversary

  1. Looks like a wonderful celebration together and staying in your budget makes it even better. I love hiking with my husband and our dog, it’s always a good time.

  2. It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time, and that’s what it’s all about – never mind the cost! In the earliest days of our marriage, Tiffani liked to go cat fishing with me. There were fantastic places near Charleston, South Carolina where we spent many hours with lines in the water, babies in the pack-n-play right beside us, no such thing as cell phones to distract us Then we’d go home for a great meal of broiled catfish. Have fun in the days when things are still simple!

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